The All on 4 implant technique is a highly advanced form of traditional implants. In this method, instead of using one implant for each missing tooth, four implants on the top and four on the bottom are used as the main anchors. A dental prosthesis is then fixed on these implants.

The biggest advantage of the All on 4 technique is that it allows patients with total edentulism to have a fixed denture fitted on the same day, with a single surgical procedure. All on 4 offers a beautiful, natural-looking smile and new teeth in just one day.

It is more economical than the traditional implant method for patients who are completely toothless or who are likely to become completely toothless. The operation is easier and faster as there is no need for additional advanced surgical procedures such as sinus elevation and bone augmentation. Since the number of implants used is reduced and additional surgical procedures are not required, the cost is lower than conventional dental implant treatment. The duration of surgery and treatment is also shorter.

The All on 4 technique is a proven, reliable technique that has been practiced for many years. This method can be applied to anyone who does not have any obstacles to getting dental implants.

Patients scheduled for All on 4 treatment first undergo a detailed clinical and radiological examination. Computerized tomography is taken, measurements are made on the tomography and appropriate planning is made for the patient. As with other implant-supported restorations, the procedure is carried out in two stages: surgery and tooth prosthesis. On the day of treatment, the surgeon places four dental implants. Then, on the same day, a temporary denture is placed over the implants. After one to three months, the patient is fitted with permanent dentures.

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