All on 6 implants is a fixed prosthesis technique applied to patients with tooth loss by placing 6 implants at certain angles. This method can give successful results even in patients with advanced bone loss.

For the All on 6 implant technique, the patient's upper and lower jaw is first imaged in detail. As a result, the treatment process is started to be planned with the evaluations made. The biggest advantage of All on 6 implants compared to the standard implant method is that they are much longer lasting. In addition, another difference compared to classical implants is that the treatment process is much shorter.

In the classical method, at least 8 implants are usually needed. After these screws are placed, it is necessary to wait for at least 3 months for prosthetic teeth to be placed on them. In contrast, the All on 6 method offers patients the chance to have healthy teeth in a single procedure.

All on 6 implants are placed in the upper and lower jaw with the implants in the front at 90 degrees and those in the back at 45 degrees. On the same day, temporary prosthetic teeth are placed on top of the implants. In an average of three months, the screws are expected to fuse with these temporary prostheses. Then, the treatment is completed by placing the permanent teeth that the patients will use.

In addition to creating an aesthetic result, All on 6 treatment also eliminates the serious problems caused by advanced tooth loss. The best advantage of this method is that it can be applied even in patients who are completely edentulous and have an advanced bone deficiency.

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