Composite bonding is among the procedures that have attracted much more attention in recent years and is completed with a comfortable process. This method, which is based on the procedure of bonding composite filling materials to the tooth without the need for any abrasion on the tooth, also stands out in the fact that it does not cause damage to the tooth.

Especially when there are small deformities in the teeth and small gaps between the teeth, this method is often activated. A much more aesthetic appearance can be obtained with the additions made to the teeth. In addition to the process of combining separated teeth, this method is also used when there are many different problems.

Bonding application, whose priority is 'not to damage the tooth', can be applied to change the shape as well as the color of the tooth. A simple examination is performed before this procedure, which is also frequently activated when tooth defects need to be corrected. It is planned whether anesthesia is needed or which tooth will be treated. During the procedure, bonding agents are applied to ensure the connection between the tooth surface and the material used for filling. Immediately afterward, the bonding material is selected to best match the natural color of the tooth. This material is placed on the tooth as a layer.

The final shaping of the tooth is done and finally, the process is completed by applying polish. One of the most important stages is polishing. Because the tooth should not be discolored and should have a smooth appearance. Polishing is used to make the tooth more resistant to staining. Sometimes, if needed, the polish application can be repeated after 7 days. All these stages are completed with a very comfortable process for the patient.

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