The laminate veneer tooth coating method is a type of aesthetic coating applied to eliminate situations that can negatively affect both the smile and the psychological state of the person, such as crowding, discoloration, and fractured, or missing teeth. Two different materials can be used in laminate veneers. These can be veneers that can be obtained from porcelain or composite material. While composite material may be sufficient for the elimination of small gaps between the teeth or for the treatment of small crowding, leaf porcelain produced in the laboratory can give better results for situations that require more detailed processing.

Laminate veneer treatment is generally preferred by people who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their teeth. People who have undesirable conditions in their front teeth, especially because the front teeth are visible from the outside and appear during the smile, are among those who prefer this treatment the most. However, the person who wants to have a laminate veneer must first be examined in detail by a specialist physician and decide that this treatment is suitable for him/her.

If the treatment is deemed appropriate, the treatment is started. Smile design analysis is important for this issue. Individuals over 18 years of age, who do not have excessive teeth-clenching habits and mental disorders can have leaf porcelain. Leaf porcelain can be applied to people with the following conditions in their teeth;

  • People who cannot achieve the whiteness they want due to discoloration
  • Individuals with mildly crooked teeth
  • Those with gaps in their teeth
  • Those who want to have an ideal smile aesthetics
  • Lengthening of teeth that are short due to genetic factors or other reasons
  • In the treatment of worn teeth
  • Removing the unsightly appearance of the metal alloy fillings used in the past
  • In the treatment of fractures and cracks that occur in cases such as impact
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