The goal of a smile makeover is to develop a perfect chewing system that allows teeth, tissues, muscles, bone structures, and joints to work in harmony. Smile design is very important when dental treatment plans are made for aesthetic phenomena. In order to create a successful, healthy, and functional smile, it is necessary to determine the right aesthetic smile. Achieving the right aesthetic smile results requires an understanding of the relationship between muscles, bones, joints, gum tissue, and the entire oral support structure.

When creating a beautiful smile, it is important that the teeth and gums are compatible. Because when smiling, these two areas should be viewed in harmony and proportion. In general, while women's front teeth are a little longer, men's front teeth are smoother and the cheeks play a supporting role here. This posture means a more beautiful but also healthier smile. During the smile makeover process, the dentist records the person's facial structure, skin tone, and lip shape. Combining all these elements, the doctor creates a personalized tooth classification method and a smile method in the laboratory through preliminary research. Today, thanks to computer-aided smile design, it is possible to see how the teeth will shine with a new smile before the treatment is completed. After this process, the smile that best suits the human facial structure is designed and the patient's expectations and wishes are included in this process.

Smile aesthetic treatment is applied in collaboration with prosthodontists, periodontologists, and orthodontists. In smile design, the symmetry of the face and smile, the width of the smile, age and gender, and the internal and external appearance of the person are taken into account. Smile aesthetics is a comprehensive treatment type that is the result of the combined effect of many factors.

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