It is possible to remove the discoloration of the teeth with the bleaching process and have whiter teeth. The bleaching process is quite different from the polishing process performed after scaling. In the bleaching process, the tooth's color tone can be lightened by two or three tones. Teeth bleaching can be applied as office bleaching applied by the dentist in the office environment and home bleaching applied by the patient at home with gels containing lower bleaching agents thanks to a transparent plaque given to the patient with the measurements taken from the patient.

Office bleaching is the most effective method among all bleaching systems. Since the peroxide ratios of the bleaching agents used in the bleaching process performed in the examination are higher, bleaching is faster and its permanence is longer. Before the teeth bleaching process is applied, the patient should undergo scaling before whitening. Before and after the sessions, photos are taken of the patient and the color is determined. The number of sessions to be applied is usually two or three and varies according to the coloration of the teeth. Before the procedure, the gums are covered with a protective barrier and then the bleaching gel is applied to the teeth. The bleaching gel is applied to the teeth in two or three periods of approximately 15 minutes.

In the bleaching system called home bleaching, a transparent plaque suitable for the patient is produced by determining the color and taking an impression from the patient before the treatment. Bleaching agents containing a lower percentage of "Carbamide Peroxide" are used in the home-type teeth bleaching process. The prepared transparent plaque and tubes containing bleaching agents are given to the patient and the physician explains how to apply them to the teeth. Weekly checks are made to monitor how the treatment is going and necessary changes are made. The dentist and the patient should decide together which method of bleaching will be applied to the patient.

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