Developments in medicine have led to significant innovations in hair transplantation. The DHI hair transplantation technique, which has many advantages compared to previously used hair transplantation techniques, has been increasingly used for several years. DHI hair transplantation technique, which is a very successful technique, is performed by collecting hair follicles from the donor area using a specific type of needle. Then, using the same needle, the harvested follicles are transplanted. In the DHI technique, which simultaneously extracts and transplants follicles from the hair, a single small device is used to collect the follicles, drill tiny holes and transplant the hair in one go.

The DHI hair transplant method makes it possible to simultaneously drill channels and insert grafts. The procedure is performed using special pens with a diameter between 0.6 mm and 1.0 mm. It requires very high concentration, precision and great effort. Since no incisions are made in the scalp, no sutures are required and the risk of bleeding is minimized. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. When performed by a professional and specialized team, the results are very successful and lasting.

Under the DHI hair transplant method, the grafts are transplanted very quickly, as the opening of the channels and transplantation are carried out at the same time. Intensive transplantation is possible with this method. This method is performed using a special device. This device minimizes the loss of hair follicles. The DHI technique does not damage the hair fiber in any way. Since there are no cuts or stitches, the patient recovers very quickly and can quickly return to his daily life. DHI technique allows transplantation without shaving the hair.

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