The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is one of the most commonly used methods by hair transplant specialists. Hair transplant specialists first analyze the hair of patients who apply for hair transplantation. Thus, the structure and quality of the hair, the intensity of the hair loss, the quality of the hair follicles in the donor area where the hair will be removed are determined. Afterwards, if it is decided that the patient is suitable for the FUE method, the procedure is started. The most important advantage of the FUE method is that the patient's hair looks natural after the procedure.

First of all, hair transplant specialists determine the front hairline of patients who apply with the complaint of hair loss in order to achieve a natural appearance after the procedure. The most important reason for this is that a front hairline that starts too far in front or too far back distracts the patient from naturalness. In addition, it is not preferred for the front hairline to be in a straight line in terms of naturalness. After determining the front hairline, the open area where hair loss and hair loss is intense is determined.

The FUE technique consists of four stages. First of all, the donor area where the hair follicles will be collected is shaved. After this stage, the area where the hair follicles will be collected is numbed with local anesthetic drugs and the second stage is started. During the second stage of hair follicle harvesting, hair follicles are collected one by one from the nape area with the micromotor method. After the extraction of healthy hair follicles is completed, the collected healthy hair follicles are placed in a special solution. The area to be transplanted is then numbed with local anesthesia. After that, one of the most important stages of the procedure, the canal opening stage, is started. After the roots are collected, holes called canals are drilled in the area to be transferred with the help of special steel-tipped tools and the collected hair follicles are transferred to the holes one by one.

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