Botox is a toxin derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It works by blocking the release of substances that provide conduction at the nerve endings and stopping the conduction between the nerves and the organs that the nerves reach. The cessation of nerve conduction leads to a reduction or complete loss of the functions of the organ that the nerve reaches. It can be used for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes, to reduce wrinkles on the face caused by the movements of the mimic muscles, to prevent their formation, to reduce sweating in excessive sweating areas, and in the treatment of chronic migraine.

The work of the mimic muscles over the years makes the folds on the overlying skin prominent and thus the dynamic lines on the face appear. By applying Botox to the mimic muscles, the movements of these muscles can be weakened. The reduction in muscle movements also reduces the folding of the overlying skin with muscle movements and the lines due to folding. In this way, a significant improvement is achieved in the facial expression that looks old and angry.

When Botox is applied to the sweat glands, the transmission between the sweat glands and nerve endings can be stopped and the functioning of the sweat glands can be reduced. The sweatiest parts of the body are the palms and armpits. When Botox is applied to the sweating areas of people with excessive sweating and related sweat odor complaints, their complaints are improved.

Botox application is applied to 7 areas on the head and neck with needle tips thinner than 31 injection points. The treatment is planned individually and there are at least two treatment periods with a 12-week interval. With the decision of a specialist neurologist, additional doses can be applied to the necessary areas in Botox injections depending on the location of the pain and migraine can be controlled with successful results.

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