Filler injection is among the minimally invasive aesthetic applications. Although applications to eliminate wrinkles are usually performed in the 30s, applications to eliminate contour disorders can be performed from the mid-20s.

Fillers are often used to eliminate grooves or deep wrinkles that cause shadows on the face. The most common areas of application are the forehead, nasolabial grooves, the grooves between the edges of the lips and chin, and between the eyebrows. It can be applied to the lips to make them look thicker and fuller, and to many parts of the face to treat fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Short-term ice application after filler application prevents or reduces the formation of bruises. It is recommended to drink plenty of water for the first two days, especially since fillers containing hyaluronic acid show their effect better by absorbing water. Excessive massage of the area where the filler is applied should be avoided.

There is no need for operating room conditions for the application. The application is extremely easy and can be completed in a short time. Since it does not have a permanent effect, it does not pose a permanent risk even if the application result is not liked. Side effects are almost non-existent. The person who has the application can continue her daily activities immediately after the application.

Lip filler aims to give the lips the moisture and fullness they have lost. With age, especially the upper lip sags and turns inward. Especially by turning the wet-dry lip border area outward, it is necessary to restore the lost volume of the lip without exaggeration. The jawline is an application that aims to clarify the jaw line and collect the slight sagging, providing a more feminine and elegant appearance to the chin.

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