PRP is the abbreviated name of the method given to platelet-enriched plasma application. In this method, blood is taken from the person to be treated, centrifuged in a sterile environment and platelet-rich plasma is obtained. This plasma can be injected into the skin by injection or applied after laser.

Platelets are blood components that contain the "growth factors" necessary to repair damaged tissues in the body and restore them to their natural state. The essence of PRP is based on increasing the natural healing capacity of the skin with one's own growth factors. In PRP application, much more platelets are given to the damaged tissue than can be carried by the bloodstream. For this purpose, it has been successfully used for years in dental implants, orthopedic interventions, and non-healing wound treatments. Considering its mechanism of action and the mentioned application areas, it is thought that it can also be used to reduce and delay skin aging and reduce scars on the skin.

In PRP treatment, blood is taken from the person and placed in special tubes. The special tubes are placed in a centrifuge device rotating at high speed. The centrifuge device must rotate at a certain speed and time to obtain plasma rich in platelet cells. In the plasma obtained from the blood taken from the person, the part remaining at the bottom of the tube is the part richest in clot cells and growth factors. The plasma obtained in PRP treatment is applied to the problematic area on the skin with the help of tiny needles. PRP serum can be applied to the skin after fractional laser, and fractional radiofrequency applications. In this way, PRP is easily absorbed through the opened pores.

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