Reconstruction of missing breast tissue has become a common practice in recent years, sometimes congenital, sometimes after various traumas or most commonly in women who do not have a single or double breast after lampectomy, mastectomy surgery (breast tissue removal). Developing surgical techniques and successful results have made breast reconstruction surgeries widespread. Generally, in patients diagnosed with breast cancer and at an operable stage, it takes an average of 1-2 years for the adjuvant treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy) to be completed and the patient to be considered cured. At the end of this period, the reconstruction option is evaluated with the general surgeon and oncologist. In patients diagnosed in the early stages and scheduled for mastectomy, reconstruction can also be performed in the same session.

There are three options for breast reconstruction. While performing the surgery with tissue expanders and prostheses is one option, using the patient's own tissue is another option. Finally, stem cell-enriched tissue transplantation is also commonly used in breast reconstruction surgeries.

Depending on the patient's condition, it is also possible to apply some options together if necessary. The condition of the area to be operated on and the size and shape of the other breast play an important role in the choice of these options. The quality and adequacy of the skin in the area of the removed breast is very important. If the skin is insufficient and the other breast is large, a tissue expander is first placed. Then, depending on preference, either a silicone prosthesis or the patient's own muscle tissue is used. If the intact breast tissue is large and saggy, this breast is also intervened in the same operation and the two breasts are reduced and lifted to equalize the two breasts.

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