Although facelift is perceived as a medical procedure performed for aesthetic concerns, it is also sometimes a medical necessity. Facelift procedures are mostly preferred to recover skin loosening and sagging on the face after a certain age. It is not correct to talk about an age limitation for facelift procedures because it is sufficient for the person to feel that his/her face has aged and to determine that the face has lost its dynamism as a result of the examination. After bariatric surgery, which has become very popular today, patients lose serious weight and the sagging of the skin is very disturbing for individuals who have achieved a slim and fit appearance. These patients also prefer facelift techniques.

Facelift does not necessarily require surgery. One of today's preferred methods is the facelift band. Facelift bands, which are easily accessible to everyone, even from internet shopping sites or cosmetic stores, are frequently applied by people who are not satisfied with their current state. However, it is useful to keep in mind that the applications made with facelift tapes, which are preferred for their relatively affordable cost, are only a temporary solution and that the standards of these products, which are widely available in the market, are controversial.

In addition to facelift band and non-surgical, injection procedures for facelift, surgical facelift is also possible. If the person applies due to necessity and/or aesthetic discontent, if deformations such as loosening and sagging of the skin are detected as a result of the examination performed by the specialist physician, it is not very difficult to eliminate these problems with facelift surgery. With the developing technology, both the decrease in the costs of such operations and the acceleration of the operation and postoperative process increase the preferences in this direction.

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