In general, both the dimensions and the proportions of the face and the elements that make up the face have an important role in our perception and characterization of the person as "beautiful". Being perceived as beautiful, handsome, and having some congenital problems determine society's general view of the person. Societies accept those who look like them or whom they want to look like and exclude others. This exclusion not only creates wounds that are difficult to heal but also creates obstacles to achieving success, money, or sexual attraction.

Various measurement methods are used to achieve the most beautiful and accurate treatment for the patient. For the face; while using the Golden Ratio, which we can define as the ratio of the greater length to the shorter length, Cephalometric Ratios are used to evaluate the size of the head, face, and jaw bones and their postures relative to each other. Thus, while trying to achieve the beautiful and healthy, an operation plan is created without disrupting the distinctive features that make the person different. The aim here is to achieve aesthetically beautiful, physiologically and psychologically healthy individuals.

Jaw and facial surgery is the department within plastic surgery that deals with facial and jaw problems due to congenital disorders or subsequent injuries. Failure of the teeth to close properly, calcification of the jaw joint, congenital clefts in the facial bones (asymmetries), fractures of facial bones such as the chin and cheekbones, lengthening of short facial bones, and even correction of congenital head deformities are the subject of this field.

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