Vaginoplasty is the name given to the surgical procedure performed on the vaginal wall to narrow and tighten the vagina. Normally, in women who have not given birth, the labia minora and labia minora together close the entrance to the vagina. The inner lips (labium minors) are normally located inside the outer lips (labium majors) and are usually not visible from the outside. However, in some women, the labia minora may extend outward between the labia minora, sag, darken in color over time, and may be asymmetrically different in size. During normal labor, the vagina and surrounding tissues and muscles stretch and expand due to the baby's head and body. Especially at the moment when the baby's head comes out, the entrance of the vagina expands due to small tears in the entrance of the vagina, the large lips cannot close the entrance of the vagina and the entrance of the vagina remains separated. Even if the vagina returns to normal after birth, it often does not regain its pre-natal tightness and narrowness. This situation may worsen as the number of normal deliveries increases.

The vagina has the ability to stretch and expand for normal childbirth. However, deep tears in the side walls of the vagina after difficult deliveries may cause the vagina to expand more than normal and this condition may become permanent. Today, such problems can be corrected with conservative or surgical treatment. For this purpose, the interventions performed on the vagina are called vaginoplasty.

All over the world, these surgeries are performed by gynecologists and plastic surgeons. However, especially vaginoplasty surgery should be performed by gynecologists due to its anatomical structure. During the operation, it is aimed to surgically remove the excess vaginal skin and to support and tighten the underlying soft tissues and muscles with special sutures.

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